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Beta Form

Please fill this out.

- Your LJ Name/Address and/or Email (Please choose the best way for writers to contact you.)
- Will you read general (non-relationship) fic? Heterosexual pairings? Slash pairings?
- Genres you prefer? (Romance, angst, mystery, etc.)
- Genres you aren't interested in?
- What are your strengths? (Plot holes, characterization, flow/voice of the author, spelling/grammar?)
- Couples/Pairings/Characters you love?
- Couples/Pairings/Characters you won't read?
- How harsh can you be? (Meaning, will you have a problem honestly telling a person what's wrong with their story for fear of hurting their feelings?)
- Are you willing to beta longer and multi-part fics?
- Are there any specific areas of fandom in which you can or cannot beta for? (examples would be: film version versus novel; classic series versus contemporary series and/or spin offs; limited knowledge of canon or a knowledge of canon that is so vast, even the creators couldn't beat you at a Fandom XYQ Triva-Off)