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Created on 2012-02-26 12:42:01 (#1521387), last updated 2012-02-26 (294 weeks ago)

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Name:Vampire Diaries Betas and Story Editors
Website:Vampire Community Promos
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:VD betas and editors
Modeled after [ profile] fandom_betas but specifically for the Vampire Diaries fandom, we're here to help improve your writing.

Beta Readers
, if you'd like to offer your services, please go to this post and post your preferences as a comment. Don't be rude when giving your review/critique of a story.

Authors, please post all fic (optional) you want beta'd behind an lj-cut and use headers.
Your Name / Username:
Verse: Book/TV Show
Characters and/or Pairing:
Rating: Please use the MPAA ratings system. If the fic is rated R or above, please note the reason why (i.e. language, violence, explicit sexual content, regular sexual content, boring sexual content... you know, all the good stuff).
Category: Het, Slash, Gen, etc
Disclaimer: A standard disclaimer looks like this: "I do not own the characters and I am not making money by writing about them."
Warnings: (if apply)
Word Count:
Author's Notes: Optional
Type of Beta:

Other VD Comms:
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If you own a community that doesn't allow community promos, feel free to direct the to [community profile] vampirepromo by listing it in your community profile. All vampire related (not actor) communities are allowed. No mod approval required and no posting limit. Thanks

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